Tech, Arts & Activism

Together technology and arts are key enablers of activism, social justice and progress.  Explore how to leverage technology and art to address the social issues of our time.

Startup Magic

We will be discussing the necessary components of ideation from conceptualizing an idea to bringing an actual brand to life

Artificial Intelligence, VR, & Augmented Reality

Figure out why Mark Cuban said the world’s first trillionaire will be an artificial intelligence entrepreneur. Troy will share ways to help you integrate artificial intelligence in your business and career.

Block Chain & Crypto Currency: How they work and how to capatalize on these technologies

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are all the hype. This 3 person panel will explain block chain and cryptocurrency on a 3rd grade level. Find out why blockchain is catching the eyes of silicon valley investors.

Startup Funding Life Cycle

Mastering your funding model is like striking oil; you'll immediately gain access to tremendous resources.  Several nationally recognized successful founders will share their journey on raising capital from sources across the country. Learn strategies, tip, the dos and don'ts of how to get the funding you need to start and grow your business!

Venture Capital & Private Equity for Winners

When private equity is involved the objective is a big win!! Get inside the minds of the investors, they will share with you the secrets of how they select their diamonds from the rough. Walk away knowing the types of opportunities, industries and business factors that will arm you to better stand out in the crowd.

The Sell Out Strategy

Cha Ching! Come learn how to ring the cash register! Hear from an expert panel and learn from the inside & out, how to set yourself up for your a windfall. (speaker 1), Russell McCray and Chris Gilmore will share transferable knowledge on how to eventually put a for sale sign on your business and cash out.

Keeping the Magic Going...and Going

Understanding your business is just the beginning.  We will explore the essential elements in executing your business so that you not only open, but actually stay in business.

How to build a product even if you don't have a budget? 

Most startups lack funding from idea to their first prototype. Learn the best ways to get CTOs, tech talent, and developers on a budget. Learn the exact process we use to create prototypes in half the time.


From $0 to your first $1,000,000, how to growth hack your way to success?

This 4 person panel reveals secrets to growing past 7 figure a year mark. Growing is not easy. The entrepreneurs on this panel have grown to their companies to 7 figures. Learn their secrets.

Top 10 Technologies that investors are pouring money into

We looked over the top investments in 2017-2018 of the top investors. Find out which technologies is hot right now.

The ABC's building of building a disruptive company: The Story & Lifestyle of successful disruptors

Learn how tech successful tech founders spend their day. What actions maximizes your productivity? Where are they spending their time? How do they balance their time between raising money, building a great tech product, and managing team members and vision. Ask any question and pick their brains.

Unleash your marketing genius and skyrocket your Startup

Learn secret tips and smart strategies on how to get people to buy your products, services and evangelize your company.  Movers, shakers and king makers will teach you the ins and outs and tell you how they achieved greatness through social media, digital and traditional marketing avenues.