ABTW Is a week long tech & business even/conference that focuses on improving businesses in urban areas around the country. This experience brings together tech leaders, entrepreneur, investors and taste makers from around the country to collaborate, partner, promote and celebrate the advances and aspirations of minorities in technology. Events explore the Black Tech ecosystem, spotlight accelerating companies and works to redefine a more effective funding model for diverse tech companies.

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Events On-Site Promotions - Small Logo Branding

▸  Logo appear on event wall banners

▸  Logo in Conference Screen Rotation

▸ Logo inclusion on Printed Materials

▸ Tastemaker Afterparty logo displayed at the entrance and thought out the venue

Media Buys & Promotions

▸ Inclusion in Internet Promotions - 1 Campaigns 10 Southeastern Cities

▸ Inclusion in 1 Email - 10,000 ppl/reach

▸ Internet Promotion - Logo on ABTW website

▸ Ad Space in Event Program/Catalogue

Participant Engagement

▸  Complimentary Booth at the tech speaker hall (Taste of Tech) at the W Hotel

▸  Complimentary Booth at the networking hall at the Center for Civil snd Human Rights

▸  Ad Space in Registration Package & Program