WEDNESDAY AUG 29Th | 1:00 PM - 5:30 PM 

Auburn Avenue Research Library -  101 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Innovation In Cities: Together To Get Results

Wednesday aug 30th 1pm - AUBURN RESEARCH LIBRARY 

Join local leaders for a dynamic conversation about leading practices in the public sector, giving thought-leaders the edge on tech, innovation, and disruptive ways to provide better services.

Leading For Innovation In Government

Wednesday aug 30th 2:15pm - AUBURN RESEARCH LIBRARY 

Leadership is the foundation of transition, its time for our cities and governments to transition to the future; by becoming leveraging the technologies that will help citizens across the country.  This panel will discuss the challanges and what it will take for you to become the leader for change.

Disrupting Engagement In The Political Process: The Empowered Generation

Wednesday aug 30th 3pm - AUBURN RESEARCH LIBRARY 

The EMPOWRD Generation - Join Horace Williams, creator of EMPOWRD, for a conversation that will have you looking at political engagement from a completely different perspective. He will show you new ways and capabilities to keep the powerful accountable, while making government work for you. He will also highlight ways you and your team can work with those already engaged in the political process.

Making Tech Count: Working With The Federal Government

Wednesday aug 30th 4:15pm - AUBURN RESEARCH LIBRARY 

Working With the Federal Government - Join an informative presentation, followed by an interactive discussion, on contracting with the federal government with Kevin Grimes, President/CEO, CFO Leasing. Kevin is an expert entrepreneur that has seen success in working with the federal government on innovative solutions. Whether you have a product or service, or not, this will be a high-energy conversation that will leave you with great information, intrigued about connecting with the Feds!